Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Selingan... I was tagged!

Haiya.. eventhough this is supposed to be a recipe-blog, suddenly lab papa tagged me.. so how? I have to post this tag as a "Selingan".. so please bear with me... hehehehe

Rules:- I don't have many blogger friends (yet!), so I dont think I will have 8 tag to send out... so I follow lab papa's Tag's rule.... not the original rules as posted in Kadus_mama ' s blog. And since not many people know who am I, so I can give simple random facts about me hahahahaa.

8 Random facts about me..

1. I am a proud mama of 2 girls aged 6 years old and 10 months old.

2. I am an ex-SPBLian, what is SBPL.... guess lah if ada yang tidak tau.

3. I am an ex-PPP/ITM, Shah Alam student.... again, you have to guess la if you dont know what is PPP/ITM hehehehe

4. I am an ex-LJMU, kena guess lagi kan..., a lot of ex'es la...

5. I am not a good cook or baker... that's why I have this blog full of simple recipes, if I try the complicated ones, sure tidak jadi ( if you noticed in one of the posts, ada comment by Janet, so surprised that I baked... obvious sangatlah kan, since she knows me for long time sudah hehehe..).

6. I don't drink coffee... I mabuk and become so sleepy if minum kopi pekat... I can only drink nescafe cawir...

7. I lost about 7kg of weight since I gave birth to my youngest daughter. I was 49kg pre-pregnancy, now I am 41-42kg.

8. I had Supernatural Childbirths for both of my children, meaning no morning sickness, no excessive gain of weight, no pain at all during giving birth ( without any stitches for my 2nd).

Adoi.. punya sengsara sia cari these facts..... now I want to tag whimsical....


  1. you were our rival eh..(SBPS-SBPL)..*pura pura lagi tia tau kunu hahaha

    Berapa banyak Ex-da...

    You forgot to write something la poppet...

    Lab papa is one of my geng karas di Lab hahahaha

  2. hahahaha... memang rival...hehehehe

    3 Ex's....ja bah, but jgn lupa tulis tu "E" juga or else jadi lain maksudnya.

    geng karas... next tag akan masuk tu.

  3. oh!! Labuan ya!! ekekkeee..rupa2nya ramai juga x-sbp sini ah..
    wah punya best teda morning sickness whatsoever..sia dulu macam mau mati saja awal2 pregnant..hahaha especially during son..mabuk kepayang all the time

  4. Yup kadus_mama, SBPL.... hehehe

    supernatural childbirth..ada rahsia dia tu hehehehe

  5. SBPLian? hubby was SBPLian too, SPM 1993. You think you guys of the same batch? :)

    Minum kupi pekat buli, amazing grace! LOL!

  6. 1993.. must be my junior :)(Ala...Kedapatan sudah yang tua sudah sia ni)

    Hahahaha.. memang I will yawn balik2 if minum kupi pekat... mabuk mengkali.. I discovered that when ada org kasi minum me kupi tenom.

    My study dulu, instead of minum kupi pekat or nescafe pekat utk tidak mengantuk, I simply minum coca-cola... ble tahan sampai pagi tia tidur hahahaha. Ni spesel punya org ni, memang amazing grace hahahaha

  7. Itu kes mabuk kupi bukan time di lab lama ka sa ingat lagi

    teringat sa selalu mengintu neskupi 3-1 hahah

  8. Noooo.. that was not kupi, that was your 3-in-1 teh tarik if I am not mistaken....

    Teh pekatpun I mabuk juga minum hahaha...

  9. oh yea, I heard about your natural childbirth from Chanel..
    I had similar experience with my 2nd child, almost painless childbirth, even though I was induced cos baby 1 week late. The only real pain I had was the last few minutes of pushing. I had stitcches though. I practice my own visualisation and relaxation, focusing on pain free birth!

  10. Hi Sharon Baby Smooches :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. really!!! then give birth again la..hehehe..if i have all that i think i don't mind to have 4, may be 2 only la..sakit ba tu!!!

  12. Deana.. yup really..
    give me your email and I can send you the ebook about the Supernatural Childbirth :)