Monday, June 16, 2008

Homemade Burger

Especially for those overseas and it is quite difficult to find halal burger. Here is a simple homemade burger. I have not tried this recipe, but sound easy enough to do. I didn't put any measurements in the ingredients section because you can estimate the quantity yourself according to your own liking or taste. For example some might like a lot of onion but some might prefer just a little of it.

Lean meat ( can use any type) or chicken
Salt & Pepper
Sesame Oil
Corn starch
Burger Bun
Chili / Tomato Sauce


1. Mince lean meat
2. Chop onion into very small pieces
3. Add sesame oil, salt and pepper. Mix well.
4. Add corn starch to the meat and press it all together until it forms a ball.
5. Then make it into a disc shape (like normal burger patty)
6. Cover the patty with corn starch mixed with flour
7. Fry (or grill) burger patty till cooked.
8. Slice cucumber and tomato and onto a burger bun together with the patty and cheese.
9. Add chili / tomato sauce if you like.

You can replace meat burger with egg (bull's eye) or wrap the burger patty with the egg.
You can also use other vegetables (e.g. salad leaf) according to your own preference.


  1. This one for me ah (TC style)...tq hhehehe

  2. hahahaha... dont forget to let me know the outcome aaa... with picture.. nanti I post the picture here too :) I also want to try one of these days...

    BTW, for cheaper alternative, just buy ordinary lean meat and then minch it yourself ( ala blender ja, ble juga tu..)

  3. lupa mo kasi tau, here it's hard to find bah itu bugger bun terpaksa pakai sandwich bread

    p/s minch meat ada di jual uhuhuhuhuhu

  4. if like that can use any other bread lah like the french breadkah.. pita breadkah hehehehe

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  6. whimsi.. like an advertisement biasalah.. if ppl visit that website and click the banner, they will be transferred to your blog..promosi la tu...

    anything you contact the website's owner tu thru the email.

  7. my goodness, my burgerrrrrrr

  8. hahahahaha... buat jgn inda buat..