Saturday, July 26, 2008

Selingan........ My First Cloth Diaper!

You must be wondering whether you are in the wrong blog.. why suddenly a cloth diaper in a recipe blog? Hahahahaha... sorry about that.
I have been wanting to sew my own fitted cloth diaper for my daughter ... so finally I did it! The pictures above show my first cloth diaper, measured, cut and sewn all by myself.
What do you think of it? Not so nice.. but I think I will get better after a few cloth diapers... I think (hehehehehe...). The top picture is my almost 1 year old daughter wearing the cloth diaper mommy has sewn.
The materials.. I just bought a meter of cotton fabric with Winnie the Pooh print ( so difficult to find good fabric with cartoon pictures in Kota Kinabalu, anybody know where to find them? Please let me know.... I tried Segama and Sinsuran... the only fabric I found is the RM2.50 per meter thin cotton fabric. Maybe I should wait for the KAMDAR and Globe Silk Store in 1Borneo to open ;-) ). The inner layer, I use soft fleece cloth and sewn 6 layers of an old napkin cloth diaper as the soaker.
My big dream..... is to make my own cloth diaper and put my own brand on it and make money out of it ;-).
In the meantime... any parents interested to buy cheaper cloth diapers please check out this website . Lets reduce the use of disposable diapers and save cost and the environment. Hehehehehe


  1. apa mcm kalo tukar ni blog theme from recipe to DIY? hehehe

    ble cuba juga nih!

  2. telupa, kalo tu pooh punya kepala nampak lagi santik mantik mcm itik!

  3. haha.. good idea.. DIY Blog.

  4. hahahaha.. inda lama lagi mo tukar title la blog ni nanti...

    lab papa: next attempt nanti ble kasi nmpk kepala pooh ja lah..

  5. hehehe..ingat salah blog tadi..
    ok bah buat sendiri tu CD..tapi nda basah kah?? i mean kalau yang CD sekarang nda pandai basah kan...yours apa macam??

  6. kdmama.. ada byk jenis CD, ada yg waterproof ada yg tidak, meaning mo pakai diaper cover lagi. Yg membezakan waterproof atau tidak material dia ja.. tukar material jadi inda basahlah hehehe.. mind, of course ble basahlah, coz guna cotton ja on the outer layer, klu sia mo kasi waterproof I can add a layer of waterproof layer or I can use the material yg PUL (yg mo import baru ble dpt isk isk) and make it waterproof. But for at home uses, I prefer the non-waterproof, sebab more breathable and ble tukar selalu.

  7. u memang boleh tahan poppet!!!!SALUTE!

  8. poppet - baru mau cakap pasal winnie the pooh... knp winnie the pooh aaa?

    bnyk di pasaran skg. Kedai 2 ringgit lagi banyak... and my wifey pun minat winnie the pooh... banyak baju JJ sia yg winnie the pooh... huhuhu

  9. whimsi: terima kasih.. walaupun inda seberapa pun hahahaha..

    hombidai: entahlah sia pun tia tau kenapa Pooh.. sebab tu ja kain yg sia dpt cari yg ada cartoon yg sia kenal, yg lain sia kanal hahahha