Saturday, July 5, 2008

Selingan- Matryoshka Dolls

Just as a 'selingan'- nothing to do with recipes hehehehe

Here is a Matryoshka Dolls a.k.a Russian Stacking/Nested Doll a.k.a Babushka doll..
I have looking for these dolls around Kota Kinabalu (didn't really go around KK and look hehehe.... ) because my eldest has been fascinated with them since she watches the Higgly Town Heroes.
Here they are... At last, found it!. I bought them at 1Borneo a few weeks ago. I think they look cute and my eldest adores them :).
To know more about these dolls..check out the Wiki :) (click here)


  1. awwww..sooo cute! Girly..girly gitu..
    If i were to give those dolls to my kids, gerenti kena buang tu..hahaha!! Both my anak ganas sket..main robot and monster2 saja..

  2. biasalah tu kdmama.. nanti sudah basar2 sikit, tu girl tu mesti like girlie things juga tu. skrg ni she is influenced too much by the bro.

  3. Di Daiso ka beli hehehe, tu ari sa nampak juga sini. Tapi tia minat kekeke...kalo sa ada sa buat jadi tabung hehehe

  4. bukan di Daiso.. ada kedai lain. camna mo buat tabung bukannya besar tmpt isinya... tapi cute lah.. :)

  5. i have these given by my cousin who is studying in Russia..and when i saw at ! Bornoe and cheap..i add my collection haha

  6. since this is a free advert page- i advert la ..hehe

  7. Yup, Deana, ble lah you try and look for them di 1Borneo tu :)

    Btw, I add you cake blog in my blogroll lah... promosi for your cakes.. they look very very beautiful, mcm sayang mo makan. How much you charge for the cakes macam tu aah?

  8. Hey I think I want to start collecting these Babushka Dolls juga lah, since i have 1 set oredy..which shop at 1 borneo???

  9. Hi Val Aziz,

    I think the shop is called "Joy".. can't remember.. but it is a small shop at ground floor.