Monday, July 7, 2008

My Version of Warung Burger

Aha! I just remembered these photos when lab papa posted his warung burger in his blog.
I wanted so much to eat warung style burger last Friday but when I thought about the way they make burgers in the stall near my place, how small and overcooked the burger patties were... I just had to cook and prepare my own burgers....

So here they were... so nice and juicy and satisfying!

I grilled the burger patties instead of frying them.. so the patties were still juicy, yummy, yummy for our tummies hahahahaha

Kadus mama asked me to write down the recipe.... so here's for my blogger friend Kadus Mama :)
This is for one burger.. if you want to make more, then add the amount appropriately.


1 burger bun
2 burger "Ramly" patties
1 egg
cabbage - sliced thinly
Tomato chili sauce
Cheddar cheese slices
Mayonaise ( if like.. I dont :) )

1. Grill the burger patties until they cooked (dont overcooked! )
2. Whisk / beat the egg and cook like a scrambled egg.
3. Cut the bun into two and spread some margarine or butter on the cut sides.
4. Brown the sides with margarine on a hot pan.
5. Arrange the ingredients on the warmed bun - cheese first, burger patty 1,tomato chili sauce, egg, some sliced cabbage, burger patty 2, chili sauce and then cheese. To have a delicious taste of cheese... make sure the patties are still hot :)

You can arrange them anyway you like actually......

Good luck!


  1. uhhh aaaahh..burger bun best nya...

    Long live DIY burger hehehe

    p/s Mesti harga burger di warung pun naik tu kan?

  2. sudah semestinya harga di warung2 tu naik... manada dorang mo rugi tu... relax ja kasi naik harga.. boikot! jgn beli dgn dorang.. DIY burgers

  3. :) eh..apa macam mau buat?? hahahaa tingu gambar jak nda tau apa macam mau buat pulak? bahan?

  4. aiks.. betulkah si kdmama ni minta resipi buat burger?

    Nanti sia update lah di posting aa hehehe

  5. oh la la!! tenkiu for the recipe..(sia nda tau apa mau taruh or how to masak burger lah!!) hahaha!!

  6. teda grill ko guring ja tu patties guna minyak sikit.

  7. uiii poppet!if u buka gerai burger depan rumah u, and ask achel to do marketing, guaranteeeeeeee 10 min ja habis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. whimsi.. err apa achel buat to market? takut sia nanti she yg kena culik pula nanti...:)