Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tag- 7 facts about me

I am tired but I still can't sleep... so I'll do another tag, hopefully will help me to fall asleep hehehhe.

Fabmom tagged me recently and just have the chance to do the tag. She didnt give the rules in her blog so I went to Fabmom's original tagger (just plain Sharon) to copy the rules.

Here’s the rules:
A. List these rules on your blog.
B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

7 facts about me:

One: I love my family too much :-)
Two: I love recipes but not neccesarily will try them.
Three: I enjoy traveling with my loved ones
Four: I love doing handicrafts but I dont have much time to do them.
Five: I wish I have time and money to attend cooking and baking classes
Six: I like to shop alone
Seven: I will try my best to honour what I have vowed or promised to do, the best I can

I dont have 7 persons to tag... so I'll just list out those I know ...I would like to now tag:

Lab papa


  1. i love to shop alone too..kalau hubby ikut terus sia matai, sebab baru 1 jam jalan kena bawa balik sudah

  2. iyabah, klu shop alone.. ble lenggang-lenggang shoppingkan... byk ooo ble kita nampak

  3. Another tag aaa, sudah banyak org tag belum tulis lagi hahahahaha

  4. tiapa lab papa... nanti ko kasi tabur2 tu tag sana blog ko... sampai org yg dtg pun nmpk tag tag tag tag saja hehehee (mcm blog sia skrg..sekali kluar tag... berderet

  5. Psstttt!!!!! No need attend coking and baking lessons! We do cook-outs and bake with other kawan2! Boleh bah tu! One recipe or two at a time! How about it?!

  6. janet: now that solve the money part, what about the time hhehehehe..

  7. Nanti weekend bila no maid, we kurung kids in one room, gv them senjatalah like pedang, guns, dll, catch my drift...then we masak2 di dapur! Selesai!!!!

  8. Hi Poppet, i already did the 7 Tag last time when Hombidai tagged me. So i guess no need to do it again, eh..? Boleh ka? ^^

  9. janet: hahahahaha...

    rin-chan: buli bah kalu ko :)dont worryla..