Monday, August 11, 2008

Chocolate Mugcake (5 minutes recipe )

I received this recipe through email the other day.. Thanks to AlunisSkyWalker for the email :)

A extremely simple recipe.. those working in the office or lab, bring all the ingredients and try making this using the microwave oven ( hahahahaha). For those who have microwave oven at home... do try this... you will have a Chocolate Cupcake in 5 minutes. No need to go out and buy choc cake when you are craving for one in the middle of the night :)


· 4 Tablespoons cake flour
· 4 Tablespoons sugar
· 2 Tablespoons cocoa
· 1 Egg
· 3 Tablespoons milk
· 3 Tablespoons oil
· Mug and spoon

1. Flour
2. Sugar
3. cocoa
4. Mix
5. Add in 1 egg
6. Mix
7. Add in Milk and Oil
8. Mix well
9. Microwave for 3min (high power)
10. Wait until it stops rising and set in the mug
11. Tip content out of mug into saucer and enjoy!

Now.. go enjoy your Chocolate Mugcake with your favourite hot drink ;-). Pretty simple recipe right. As variation, you should be able to make more and microwave in a paper cup maybe and get many-many chocolate cupcakes ;)


  1. hello hello... mo tanya kalu tukar flavor pi kupi bulih ba kan? atau tambah zest of coffee ja and jadi ala-ala mocha? hehehe..

  2. wow! how useful! good one!
    by the way, I tagged you poppet! see my post.

  3. uiyoo poppet... sia mao tery test kinam la ni... mcm sinang ja.. hehe

  4. Woaaahh, this recipe came from far far galaxy you know! Awesome!

  5. hmm..mau juga try..but no oven..ayooo!! bila lah sia dapat beli oven nie

  6. aduhhhh sia mo try ni *selalu pun sia ckp mcm ni tapi tida juga buat*...

    perhaps, its a good excuse to buy that pretty mugs just for this...hehe

  7. rin chan.. siapun x pasti ooo.. should be ok sia rasa, bcoz the cocoa powder is just for flavour.. but if tukar pi kupi, jgn taruh byk sangat, nanti pahit betul.

  8. fabmom:wah.. got tag kash.. bertimbun my tag ni.. hehehehe blum terbuat.. sabar2 yek

  9. hombidai: bah apa lagi, terai lah..nanti kasi post di rambling ko aa..jgn lupa gambar sekali

  10. lab papa: yup.. suku sakat Luke Skywalker tu.. entah lah cucu cicit Skywalker or great2 grandparent of Anakin or Shmi's parent.. I also not sure hehehe.

  11. kdmama: bah bila lagi mo beli tu microwave hehehehe

    chegu: ni kali ble try ni, because 5 min ja siap sudah... mug mcm tu tia tau la mana mo dpt tu

  12. Poppet and chegu,

    Mug free kalo beli ubat gigi kan banyak muhehehe

  13. zaman barang2 mahal ni, manada mug free... pi sana tu pottery shops along jln tuaran tu, lepas tu minta la design sendiri :)