Monday, August 25, 2008

Jemput-jemput Kacang Hijau?

I wanted to cook the Kuih Rengas a.k.a Kuih Kacang Hijau a.k.a Mung Bean Traditional Cake (one of my favourite kuih in the world hehehehe), but I didnt have time to do it. So I made a "jemput-jemput kacang hijau" instead hahahaha.. easy, simple and ready to eat in a jifty.

The Recipe


1 cup Kacang hijau (Mung Bean) boiled until soft with palm sugar /white sugar ( to your preferred taste)

1/2 cup Flour

Water (just enough to get the right consistency)

2 tbsp Sugar

a pinch of salt

Oil for frying


1. Mixed all ingredients (add just enough flour and water to get slightly thicker than the condensed milk consistency, I just estimated mine, didnt actually measured properly) just enough for batter to be able to drop easily from the mixing spoon.

2. Heat oil in a pan or wok over medium heat. Keep the heat on low.

3. Drop a tablespoonful of batter mixture in the pan/wok and fry until golden brown on both side of the "kuih"/cake

4. Serve while still hot.

Easy right? Taste yummy too.



  1. hi poppet - wah, good n simple this one... may try it during the Merdeka weekend... hahaha.. good to eat with kupi i believe...

  2. yup simple ja this one...sure jadi punya hehehe... any kuihpun sadap bah klu sama minuman panas :)

  3. uii mcm sedap o fav juga ni si kacang hijou

  4. Kalo sa pakai kacang dal then cicah pakai kari buli ka ah?

    p/s kepingin makan dal bah ni huhu

  5. whimsi: iyabah siapun, tapi klu beli di gerai skrg mo 50sen satu, mana tahan, mahal betul..

    lab papa: buli saja... tukar ja nma dia jemput jemput dal hahahaha