Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guess what's sexy about my name?

I have no recipe to post today.. so while blog hopping.. suddenly am in the blogthings website.. and the random quiz gave me this quiz... hahahaha

So just for fun here's what it says about my name

What's Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you are very dreamy. You are often lost in a lush fantasy.

You are a sincere and devoted partner. You are attracted to troubled souls.

You will do anything for the person you love, and in the bedroom, you aim to please.

Once you fall for someone, you're hooked. You give all of yourself to make the relationship work.

Of all the types, you're the most likely to have a secret fantasy life.

And for you, your fantasy life can be more real than your actual life at times.

Dare to find out what's sexy about your name? hahahaha..
Though I think I know how the quiz selects for description hehehe
Have fun..



  1. will try this... hehehehe

  2. ahahahahahahha!!!! matai lah..apa test pun ada bah..
    but ko nie bah..full of fantasy kah pulak?? ekekekekekee
    nanti sia buat nie test lah.. :)

  3. lab papa: haiya how come u dont know aah.. kakakakaka

    adora madpie: try jgn inda terai

    kadusmama: mcm-mcm ada bah... full of fantasy ehm... tunggu la ko punya nama pula aa

  4. sa suda try. debilang kenen sa experiment sex freely... hahaha trus sa nda publish the result...

  5. hombi: sia sexy dia bilang kunu.. klu ikut nama..

    adora: adei.... trus inda jadi ko publish aa